Know your competitive landscape & lead the market, with less effort.

Detect changes and new pages on any website automatically.

Monitor your competitors websites to uncover changes in their tactics, pricing, or positioning from a single system.

Rival CI Visual Change Comparison

Rival CI lets you stay competitive easily.

Discover and track what your rivals are doing – then pass them and come out on top.

Competitive intelligence made super simple!

Rival CI tracks and captures any website changes that your competitors surface, so that your sales and marketing teams have the information they need to be competitive every day of the week, without additional work needed.

Rival CI automatically goes and gets the data you are looking for and setup takes seconds. Just enter a single website address. No need to add specific page links or fiddle around to select areas on a webpage to get the data you are looking for. 
Rival CI automatically crawls, indexes, and snapshots every change via our visual comparison A.I., to display them in a filterable feed.

Full page discovery. Full visual comparision.

Rival CI  provides you with hidden information that wins deals!
Unlike other website change monitoring tools, our platform targets the full site to automagically capture hidden and unlinked landing pages, special offer pages and other public pages – even across subdomains –  in seconds.

Rival CI won’t just inform you of website changes via our A.I. powered visual comparison tool – you will also be told about any new pages added to your tracked sites.

3 simple steps to discover, track, and act on your competitors' changes.

Set up in seconds

To begin, simply enter the URL of website you want to track. Rival will automatically crawl, index and display the pages of the target website, its landing pages, and subdomains.

Automatically monitor

You choose the pages you want to monitor and Rival will automatically snapshot every change on your competitor’s site. Results are displayed in a filterable feed on your dashboard.

Gain intelligence

Rival remembers the before and after. You can look at current and past changes on your competitors site, to help give you actionable intelligence to respond, act and improve.

The Rival CI Platform.

Easy setup that takes no effort

Adding new sites into your watchlist is easy with Rival CI.
All you need to do is enter the website address and the name of the site you wish to track.

No need to mess around with choosing specific pages or picking areas on a page to monitor. Our system will scan for all accessible site pages. You then simply choose which pages you want to monitor.

Get all the site info and start monitoring immediately.

All websites, one powerful dashboard

Get all change monitoring on one screen.

  • View an overall summary or focus into a specific site
  • Scan the changes since your last login
  • Filter all results by a percentage level of change
  • Expand your coverage by adding more sites.

Watch for changes that matter to you.

Rival CI captures full websites and you simply select the pages you want to monitor. You will know when page changes have been found and get automatic snapshots of the differences.

Unlike other change monitoring platforms, Rival CI will also notify you of any new pages added to a competitors site, so you know their tactics and offers much sooner.

Stored change tracking and archiving.

Our Visual Comparison A.I. checks the previous and current versions snapshots of changes in content positioning, layout, pricing, feature lists, language, market targets, and more, for every Rival you are monitoring. 

Rival CI compares the whole page, pixel by pixel, and will show you a side-by-side comparison image, in a filterable feed on your dashboard. 
All change snapshots are visual, not just HTML code.

What people are saying:

A True Story;
I was sitting on a call with a vendor, discussing a potential $150k annual deal. The vendor told me they were better than my current supplier because they did 'X'.
I told him that my current supplier had launched and now offered that very same thing a few weeks ago. The conversation stopped dead. That feature was his big leverage and selling point he was preparing to deliver. He was unprepared and it hurt to watch.

After this meeting, we implemented Rival CI, so that our sales and marketing teams would never be in the same position and miss out on knowing about meaningful changes to our competitors tactics and products.
Tyler Logtenberg
VP of Product


We provide powerful website change monitoring in simple no-strings packages.



/ month


Rival CI will crawl the site and bring back all publicly accessible pages in a site. The platform can look across subdomains, landing pages, unlinked pages to capture the kind of hidden information that wins deals.

The system is very simple to use and you should pick it up right away. We have purposely avoided the need for our users to spend time learning how to use the tools, and rather just take care of as much of it as possible for them.

If you do have questions though, there is a help guide available within the app, to tell you all about the buttons, switches and thingys.

Need something more than our regular platform subscription offers?
Simply contact us to request other options such as being able to watch more websites or arrange invoice-based payments.

The Rival CI system currently has the paid plan available for the same price ($40), in AUD, USD, GBP & CAN currencies. After you sign up for a free trial, you can choose the currency that suits you best, during the paid subscription process.

In the spirit of keeping things simple, we decided that we only need a few easy plans for our users.

The free plan lets new users try out the platform for as long as they want to, risk free. The paid plan is available if you want to do more and is priced reasonably considering the amount you can do with it.

Other than this, we are flexible enough to help cater to your needs as required. Just contact us and let us know what you would like to do and we will see how we can make it happen.

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