Know what market players are doing. Automatically.

Rival helps fast moving businesses by tracking meaningful changes to their competitors’ websites.

What is competitive intelligence software?

Competitive and market intelligence benefits all sectors of your business; it helps you craft better products, arms sales, and marketing teams, gives further context to your development and design teams and provides guidance into navigating your business into a blue ocean.

This information is the fuel for companies that want to disrupt existing markets. 

Why do you need competitive website tracking?

Rival saves days of time, by automatically  scraping, monitoring, detecting changes, and alerting on meaningful changes to your competition.

Rival automatically unlocks intel to pages laying out company strategy, changes to product and pricing, types of customers they are focused on, and the results of their marketing testing. 

Key benefits of Rival

You can go from zero to a full build a competitive monitoring strategy  in less than 2 minutes. Rival fully indexes the target sites, captures changes, news pages, subdomains and more, and more. Presented in a central feed saving hours and days.

Teams that want results trust Rival