How can you make your product stand out in a unique way?

The first thing you need to do (to make it stand out), is competitive research.

I am sure that you are thinking “wtf, I am at an early stage… why looking at the competition?” Well, there are many reasons why;

    1. First is that you want to see the shortcomings in the market, then you want to know where your “future customers” are living, and finally, know what language works.
    2. Your competitor’s customers are calling out what they need. Check search results like “how to make X do…” and see what the customer base is looking for.
    3. Once you are done the above, you will be able to craft a product that fills a gap in the market, you know how to position it, and where the customers live.

Here at Rival we can help with the tracking and the analysis to get these solid insights. Give us a shout! 

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