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How can you be more efficient, so you can spend more time analysing, understanding and acting on insights?

In order to remain competitive in your industry space, you need to know firstly, what others are offering – or plan to offer – so you can judge the unique value proposition of your moves. This can be difficult and is often thought of an activity that takes a lot of effort from a dedicated individual, to to this correctly, especially if you are an SME without the capability to hire specialised staff.

Competitive intelligence solutions are a great way to automate the research and reporting process and stay informed of the latest happenings in your market. Often, the greatest challenge is finding a CI solution that can simply and efficiently provide your business with data that you can easily analyse and act on. 

Due to this, many businesses don’t monitor their competitors well because they feel that they don’t have the time to put into it.  Many Competitive Intelligence tools may also be complicated to use well, require special knowledge to run, or are prohibitive from a cost perspective.

Rival CI offers a straight forward platform that is simple, economical and can provide any SME with CI data to help them gain an edge in their markets., 


Here are some ways to optimise your time, maximise productivity AND still gain competitive intelligence insights for your organisation, with the Rival CI platform:
    1. Automatically track the information your competitors put out to market, as they do release it. Tracking your rival’s website is still one of the most efficient ways to stay up-to-date on their pricing and product changes.

Example: If you’re a product marketer focused on maintaining your product feature analysis, then track your competitors’ product, pricing and feature page updates. 

    1. Remove any irrelevant updates by refining your monitoring, to only track the pages that matter most to you and your organisation.

Example: Only track the competitor webpages that relate to the products and sale sales territories or verticals, that you compete in. Don’t waste time tracking useless information pages that will create distractions.

“Rival CI offers a straight forward platform that is simple, economical and can provide any SME with Competitive Intelligence data to help them gain an edge in their markets.”

    1. Find out about any NEW information your rivals add to their websites, not just the changes on existing pages. This kind of information can be a game-changer for you and how you approach your market.

Example: Knowing when new landing pages are added to a competitor’s site will enable you to follow and analyse their promotional messaging and new pricing tactics.

    1.  Don’t waste time hunting for important pages and adding individual website page links by yourself. Let your CI tool do the hard work for you.

Example: Rival CI finds all available public pages in a site automatically. You only need to provide the main website address and the platform will let you know of any pages, sub-pages, landing pages and sub-domains that it can find.
You don’t need to don anything except identify which ones you want to keep watching.

    1. Set aside time to review competitor updates regularly.

Example: Even with automated processes, it is still important to spend some time in the platform regularly. Depending on how dynamic your industry space is, commit to blocking out a few minutes each day – or perhaps an hour per week – to review recent updates. When you spot a critical update, be sure to share or highlight with your team.


See how simple it is to change the way you compete and create opportunities to sustain your competitive advantage, with Rival CI.

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