What's New

The latest changes, new features, and bug fixes across the Rival Platform.

April 20, 2021

Improved Client Portal

Rival has added improved tools within your dashboard, which enables you to easily manage your Rival plan. You can see all your transactions, download tax invoices, update your payment details.

Branding Change

Rival CI has updated the company logo and branding. This gives us a fresh look and reflects that the system makes it easy for you to be a ruler amongst your competitors.

April 3, 2020

Page blacklist

Thanks to some amazing feedback, we have implemented a blacklist of pages for the crawler system. These included pages for admin portal, tags and category pages, etc. This feature reduces instances of duplicate pages being indexed and shown in your Rivals list.
We are constantly updating the list to build better filtering, and appreciate any feedback!

Default filtering of 1% implemented.

The filter percentage is an extremely powerful tool with which you can configure the level of changes you would like to see. In our testing, we found that changes under 1% often were limited to mild typo corrections or button tweaks.
Therefore Rival now has a default filter of 1% applied. You can always lower this to "0" to see a full change feed.